PSC...more than just a box




Ship Shape

Our convenient Central California locations ensure quick and efficient delivery of your packaging from us to you. We routinely ship to customers throughout North America as well as to several international locations. We track and report delivery status on a daily basis to ensure we’re meeting the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Packed to Perfection

For packaging your fragile products PSC leads the industry in creative durable solutions. We’ll manage the entire process from initial design and construction to package performance testing in order to ensure the protection of your valuable components. Choose from a wide variety of foam materials for your design.

If you need your product packed out in boxes and/or displays, PSC has the facilities and talent to make it happen. We can shrink wrap your product, place them in trays, boxes or displays, and make sure they will arrive to the retailer on time and in one piece.

Unmatched “Flexo-bility”

From one color to six colors, from RSC’s to sophisticated die cuts, PSC can produce a broad spectrum of corrugated boxes and displays that are sure to protect your product through production and distribution and end up looking good in the store. Seven flexographic presses and die-cutters allow for great “Flexo-bility” to get you what you need when you need it.

Luxurious Lithography

PSC houses the West Coast’s largest arsenal of lithographic printing capabilities. With one web-press and five sheet-fed litho presses, PSC has incredible capacity and capability for high impact graphic production. Our environmentally controlled press rooms and sophisticated color monitoring systems, along with automatic delivery systems of water and chemicals, allow us to control the quality and consistency of our processes. Special coatings including EB (electron beam), UV (ultra violet), and AQ (aqueous), allow you to create just the right look for your product on the shelf.

Prepare For Flight

At PSC, we believe that total process control is vital to achieving customer satisfaction – and that control begins before we even make a box. Our state-of-the-art Prepress department employs the latest equipment and a strong, experienced team of nine full-time graphic technicians dedicated to making sure that your graphics are engineered to produce the best possible results throughout the production process. We provide a full range of prepress services including graphic design, color correction, file assembly, trapping, and proofing. PSC has earned the G7 Master Printer certification, and all lithographic proofs are output to G7 standards matched to each stock on which your project can be printed. We are committed to setting and maintaining the highest standards of world-class quality, speed,
and service.

Before the ink dries, PSC has already prepared your job for flawless execution in ways other than exceptional graphic engineering. Our ability to formulate and mix all of our inks in-house and maintain a digital log of just the right color will make sure that your boxes consistently match from run to run. By knifing, corking and maintaining all cutting die tools right here in our facility, you can rest assured that the fit, form, and function of your boxes are the same every single time.

Closer to the Forest

Our new 98” Fosber corrugator is the primary jewel in the crown of our world class stable of equipment. Our ability to produce corrugated sheets within 24-48 hours allows for quick turn times and gives you unparalleled speed to market.

With the flexibility to manufacture a wide variety of paper combinations while reducing variable costs, PSC is poised to be the market leader in corrugated manufacturing.

Designed for Perfection

PSC employs a dedicated staff of nine highly creative packaging design engineers with well over 100 years of combined experience in corrugated, folding carton and protective packaging design. Our ability to conduct vibration, compression and drop testing in-house provides structural design validation prior to production so you can feel comfortable that your products will arrive in one piece.

The fact that our innovative Point-of-Purchase displays and unique folding carton, corrugated, foam, and single face lamination packaging solutions are present in well-known retail stores throughout the world is testimony
to our skill in structural design.

Capabilities Include:

• Structural packaging design
• Structure development: Artios CAD software
• Pallet and shipping optimization: TOPS software
• In house lab testing: Lansmont testing equipment
• Board analysis: In-house quality lab
• Prototyping: Kongsberg equipment
• 3D presentation rendering
• Foam prototyping: In-house foam fabricating