Innovative, Cost-Effective Solutions

PSC’s comprehensive, in-house operation ensures our ability to control all processes and respond immediately to your needs. Our direct involvement in your project from planning and design, to manufacturing and delivery allows us to be more cost effective and responsive to your schedule. We are continually searching for new and innovative methods to reduce costs to our customers through design improvements, process modifications, raw material selection and total program management.

We even formally recognize PSC team members whose cost reduction/avoidance ideas are implemented, so you benefit from the collective minds of PSC’s entire staff.

We’ve created a winning combination by matching the best design and manufacturing talent in the industry with the latest technologies and equipment to produce high-quality packaging solutions. Our ongoing investments in new production techniques and equipment are enabling PSC to set the pace in producing the most uniformly high-quality packages available that both showcase and protect your products. Our proprietary interest in the process and expert attention to detail allows us to minimize the inherent variables that affect the consistency of manufactured pieces from run to run. The result: uniformly high-quality packages to protect and showcase your products.