See How Christina Arriola Changed Her Life By Applying To PSC

People might be surprised to see how many women work at PSC in the warehouse. My name is Christina Arriola, and I have been at PSC for almost 5 years. I work in the Protective Packaging area where we do a lot of the hand work, and in my department, there are lots of women.

I can honestly say that my co-workers have become like family to me.

As a single mom with three kids I love the security that PSC provides:

  • Opportunity for advancement
  • The ability to balance my schedule between work and home life
  • Consistent hours so that I can schedule my childcare
  • Opportunities for overtime when I need it

I would recommend PSC to any woman looking for a job.

I started in an entry level position and after 90 days it was easy to move up. Today I am a Working Supervisor. I am enjoying learning my current position and I know when I am ready there will be other opportunities.