See How Jordan, Scott & Gabriel Changed Their Lives By Applying To PSC

Before coming to PSC, we had worked a ton of different jobs. We spent time working fast food, as a mechanic and even as a commercial fisherman. We have co-workers who have worked at other manufacturing plants.

We were looking for a company where we could build a career, and PSC offered us that opportunity.

PSC takes good care of its employees. We have

  • Excellent health benefits
  • A strong 401k
  • Tuition re-imbursement

In addition, PSC offers flexibility. We have three different shifts and two locations. With dozens of jobs to choose from there is always the opportunity to learn and to grow. They also do little things like feeding us pizza when we come in on Saturdays. That’s why PSC feels like family.

Sometimes people think they must leave the valley to find a good job. That’s not the case. We tell all our friends to take a chance and apply to PSC. There are great jobs right here. We like our team environment and how our supervisors and co-workers mentor us and help us succeed. We know if we work hard, we will be rewarded.

This is a great company, and it’s growing quickly.

As part of team PSC, we have the chance to grow right along with the company. We don’t know exactly where our careers will take us but we are confident that our future at PSC is bright.