PSC...more than just a box




Prepare For Flight

At PSC, we believe that total process control is vital to achieving customer satisfaction – and that control begins before we even make a box. Our state-of-the-art Prepress department employs the latest equipment and a strong, experienced team of nine full-time graphic technicians dedicated to making sure that your graphics are engineered to produce the best possible results throughout the production process. We provide a full range of prepress services including graphic design, color correction, file assembly, trapping, and proofing. PSC has earned the G7 Master Printer certification, and all lithographic proofs are output to G7 standards matched to each stock on which your project can be printed. We are committed to setting and maintaining the highest standards of world-class quality, speed,
and service.

Before the ink dries, PSC has already prepared your job for flawless execution in ways other than exceptional graphic engineering. Our ability to formulate and mix all of our inks in-house and maintain a digital log of just the right color will make sure that your boxes consistently match from run to run. By knifing, corking and maintaining all cutting die tools right here in our facility, you can rest assured that the fit, form, and function of your boxes are the same every single time.