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A top-three department store retailer in the United States, with over $70B in annual revenue.


Our customer noticed a trend: fresh produce sales were increasing, but internal sales were lagging behind competitors. Two points of friction were identified: first, there were no consistent display solutions across their stores, which led to scalability and sales issues; second, the customer has a nightly "clean floor" policy for their stores, which kept traditional displays from being a viable option. The retailer needed a partner to develop a new and unique packaging experience for fresh produce.


PSC’s structural engineering and sales teams developed a solution for instant pop up displays. The displays utilized glued inserts and plastic bases, which allowed for mopping and cleaning around them. The result: a dramatic increase in fresh produce sales, and a 250-400% improvement in longevity of displays. Because of this proven success, PSC was awarded the business to supply all 3,000+ of the retailer’s store locations.

Headquartered in the lush central valley of California, with additional locations throughout the state, PSC is ideally situated for customers in the agriculture and retail industries. We understand the specific, unique needs of managing fresh produce as well as scalability for major retailers thanks to our long-standing relationships and decades of experience working with our customers. As retailers adapt to consumer demands and needs, PSC is ready to take on new opportunities and find solutions to your challenges.

"We rely on PSC to train and educate our staff, they play an enormous role beyond just making boxes."

"I have a very close relationship [with PSC] – my reliance on them is huge and in many cases they’re an extension of my organization."

"Packaging innovation – PSC has that locked down."

"We take our most sophisticated packaging challenges to PSC without question."

"PSC has put in real investment to grow and stay ahead. It's made it easy to stay with them as we grow and as needs of the market evolve."

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