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Snack Food / Health Food


A rapidly growing, Colorado-based dairy product manufacturer.


Our customer's supply chain was congested with multiple inflexible packaging manufacturers. Their explosive growth within the booming health and snack food industry resulted in a drag on the operations team as well as storage and warehousing issues.


PSC simplified the customer’s supply chain with our one-stop-shop business model, providing packaging solutions that had previously required multiple partners.We also addressed the storage issue by increasing pallet efficiency through high-volume, lithographically printed club store packaging.

After testing our solution on the customer’s automated equipment, our structural engineering team recommended a change in their club box: from a B-flute board thickness to T-flute. This solution provided comparable stacking strength while improving freight and storage efficiency by 30%.

The reduction in supply chain complexity, combined with the improved freight and storage efficiency, were key factors in achieving our customer’s cost reduction goals.

With more than 50 years of experience working with a range of clients across industries, PSC is the superior partner for customers in the food industry. We understand your unique and specific needs, thanks to our long-standing customer relationships and commitment to the highest standards of packaging. As your business adapts to the demands and needs of both consumers and retailers, PSC is ready to take on new opportunities to help you find solutions to your challenges.

"We rely on PSC to train and educate our staff, they play an enormous role beyond just making boxes."

"I have a very close relationship [with PSC] – my reliance on them is huge and in many cases they’re an extension of my organization."

"Packaging innovation – PSC has that locked down."

"We take our most sophisticated packaging challenges to PSC without question."

"PSC has put in real investment to grow and stay ahead. It's made it easy to stay with them as we grow and as needs of the market evolve."

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